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What Others are Saying about Imperial Fitness



"I would like this opportunity to commend the imperial Fitness Club and especially the owner Ms Staci Kile. Since she purchased the club she has worked without stop to improve the plant, the equipment, and especially the experience of the members.

She has put in place evaluation programs tailored to enable individuals of all ages and physical abilities the best and safest way to achieve their goals. She and her staff can provide personal training, if desired, but they are also available to advise and encourage those who chose to "go it alone".

Staci has been very proactive with the Imperial Community Leaders in her efforts to identify new, or improve current neighborhood wishes/needs. The Imperial Fitness Club provides a full and rewarding experience for all levels of physical fitness devotes'.

I want to thank Staci for all she has accomplished in a short time and invite all that read this to take the time to come and meet with her. I think it will be a very rewarding experience."

-Daniel Castaldini

"As a former founding member of The Imperial Fitness Club, I have enjoyed staying active with the Club. I have watched for the past years as the new owners have improved on what we as the founders started. I have always appreciated the convenience of the location and the fact that I dont have to get onto 41 to go exercise.

The friendliness of the Staff and Club Members is another important aspect of this Club. I always get a warm welcome from Members and Staff alike. The cleanliness of the facility is unrivaled. The machines are kept in good working order and are cleaned and disinfected daily. Additionally, 5 major pieces of strength equipment were added in the past year.

The keypad entry system allows me to access the facility during the operating hours 7 days a week. All in all, The Imperial Fitness Club continues to make improvements to the Facility and I am proud to have been a part of the creation of The Imperial Fitness Club and continue to support the current owners in their continued success." -- Walter

"I have been a patient of Dan Rioux's for several months. I am an active gym enthusiast and from time to time, I overexert myself and get into physical trouble. I rely on Dan's therapeutic methods and physiology expertise to guide me back to health. In addition, Dan has taught me about the body in ways that help prevent a recurrence. 
I have been to massage therapists all over the world. Dan is not only world class, he is a master of physiology and anatomy which makes him one the most reliableand trustworthy practitioners I know". 
 I hope this is written in perfect English. Your editor may wish to edit for grammar. 

Dr. Rob Bogosian