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How To Run a 5K

Learn how to run a 5K road race in just 10 weeks. The 5k (3.1 miles ) is an excellent place for the new or returning runner to begin. Learn how to run a 5K safely under the guidance of professional running coach Erin Girzone.

This beginner’s running program is packed full of the activities and information you need to learn how to run a 5K road race safely and successfully. Led by Erin Girzone and Dr. Pete Larson, this running program covers everything from a shoe fitting, to running technique, active warm ups, rolling, nutrition, etc. With two weekly group runs, you not only get direct coaching, but you will be motivated and encouraged by training along side fellow participants also learning how to run the 5k.

5k YES I CAN! Program includes:

  • 5K training schedule
  • Weekly group runs
  • Workshops: Footwear, Benefits of Rolling, Fueling for Fitness
  • Review of proper running technique
  • Introduction to active warm ups
  • Introduction to core and hip strengthening exercises

The next 5k YES I CAN! beginner’s running program will be announced soon. Join the mailing list ( below ) or use the link to contact Erin Girzone if you want to learn to run a 5K.